Our Story

After graduating from Idaho State University with his Bachelors in Accounting, Ross has had opportunities to learn many various aspects of the business world. He’s worked in government positions, for Fortune 500 companies and with small businesses. One day he started thinking how nice it would be for small business to have the advantages of the big guys without having to pay for a full time accountant. So many small companies fail because they don’t keep track of their finances correctly nor understand the reporting that banks and government agencies use. They are passionate about what they know how to do just as Ross was about accounting. Why not put the two together? This would improve the small business world, keep companies growing and find a bottom line that increases every year.

Ross Mann Accountant

Ross grew up in sunny California where going to the beach and a yearly visit to Disney Land were a must for his survival. During his early years, he also found that he loved numbers; memorizing historical dates, collecting coins and doing Calculus. He still loves to work with numbers and solve problems though he hasn’t had to use Calculus in his day to day work. Accounting just came naturally to him.

In all the experiences Ross has had in business, he found that he loved working with the entrepreneur. Someone who had drive and the ability to see the future in a better way. He also wanted more time to spend with his family and do those things that make life worthwhile. Like going to coin shows!

Sandra Mann Bookkeeper

Sandra grew up rural Idaho in a home where hard work and family fun were one and the same. This helped her to learn early on how to find the enjoyment in any task, even the routine ones. Her children think it’s quite normal to have a mom that hums Star Wars theme songs as she’s making breakfast and quote animated movies to make a point about driving safely.

After working for several years as a part time receptionist, secretary and admin assistant and a full-time wife and mother she wanted to stretch just a little more. Thus, bookkeeping was right up her alley. When she’s not helping others reconcile bank statements she’s enjoying baking, canning, sewing and reading good books. Mostly, though, she loves being with her family doing anything at all.